For some time we have been trying to source our products from the UK but have come up against brick walls at every turn. It feels that there is so much waste in the food chain here and that really is saddening. So we turned our sights abroad to countries who also hate the idea of waste when it comes to the thought of waste and not respecting animals.

We started working with a lovely company in North East India in 2016 who also agree that it is honourable for all parts of the animal to be used. They guarantee to us that all the cattle (buffalo and cow) they deal with are raised and dispatched humanly and that in India there is no waste at all, the meat goes into the food chain, the hides are tanned, the bones for fertiliser and where possible the horns, which are allowed to grow, are turned into day to day and luxury items such as our tankards and drinking horns.

In a similar light, the reindeer hides are also a by-product of the food industry. Cared for from birth and treated with respect throughout their lives, our hides have a quality to them that you will fully understand when you see them.