Frequently asked questions

Where do the Reindeer hides come from

All our hides are sourced via a wholesaler who deals direct with the indiginous peoples of Lapland. We are currently in the process of dealing with these peoples direct to allow more of a margin to help keep their way of life prosperous.

How are the horns sourced?

All pf the horns we sell come from India. They are part of the food chain and no animal is harmed purely for the horns.

What happens to the animals the horns come from

All meat from the cows, buffalo and goats are used for food, any bone is used for fertiliser in the form of bonemeal and the hides are tanned then used for leather goods, nothing is wasted (unlike here in the UK).

Are the reindeer killed for their hides?

NO!!! All parts of the reindeer are used and the hides are a byproduct of this. Reindeer meat is actually very healthy and has a lovely flavour. We research and look for suppliers that do not participate in the killing of any animal for individual parts. We do not support any waste from byproducts of the human food chain.

Where do the skins for the drums come from?

The rawhide for our drums (red and fallow deer and horse) come to us from Scotland where the wild animals are humanely culled and every part used in one form or another. It really is an honour to bring these wonderful animals back to life to sing again as a drum.

Where do the pictures on the site come from?

Steve has been a photographer for almost 40 years and took all but one of the site photographs. The photo of Angkor Wat was taken by Scott while travelling in South East Asia. If you like these pictures and copy them please give full credit to us here as they, like the rest of the site, is copyright to Horns and Hides.