Our drinking horns are hand made and beautifully finished with laquer. This huge drinking horn holds about 3 pints sometimes more, seldom less (all are slightly different). For more options on size and colour, please connect with us via the contact page. Please note that the stands are not included un the price. Each stand is an extra £10 and are listed separately.

Extra Large Drinking Horn

  • These natural products are easy to look after, quite simply, keep them filled with mead.  For all non Vikings, a quick wash under the cold tap and a wipe sith a sponge is usually all that is needed. DO NOT leave them standing in water and do not use a dishwasher. ONLY fill with cool or cold liquids. DO NOT leave near a direct heat source including in a window where the sun can heat it excessively, this will cause warping.


    If you have any issues with your drinking vessel, please contact us.