Hnefatafl, also known as The Viking Game (even though this was a big favourite of the Saxons too), The King's Table or simply Tafl, is one of the rare breed of games with two unequal sides. The defending side comprises twelve soldiers and a king, who start the game in a cross formation in the center of the board.


For completeness and so that the game can be used in re-enactment camps, we now use only brown leathers for the boards and bags and stones with the occasional shell for the pieces


The pieces are stones, naturally different colours with a shell or different colour stone for the king, the board is leather which is also a drawstring bag, the bag for the pieces is also leather of the same design as the board (not the bag pictured in the product details). This is all hand crafted by us, here in Cornwall.




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Hnefatafl (The Viking Game)