Our meduim horn tankards hold about a pint (1.03 - 1.97 pints currently). Each one is measured by us and labelled with what we can squeeze into it; sorry, they're not a weights and measures quantity. 


They are ready to use for anything cold that takes your fancy. These tankards are ideal for mead, wine, cider, beer, add your favourite tipple. They're great with water too, just in case you want a change.


The inside of the tankard is already sealed with a food safe lacquer. Give them a quick rinse under cold water to remove any dust, and off you go. The bases are hardwood and are bonded to the horn before a resin pad is put into the base, sealing the sides from leakage.


Colours vary due to the fact that these are natural horn. If you have a preference regarding what size or colour you wish to receive, please message me prior to ordering.


All our horn products are fully tested for water tightness and come with care instructions as standard.


Some horns have an odour which will disappear over a period of time.


We are selling these items elsewhere so they may suddenly vanish from Etsy.


The horns themselves are the last part of the meat industry and come from sustainable herds of buffalo. Nothing is wasted in the production of these drinking vessels. No animals are killed for their horns alone. Whilst we appreciate and respect that these items are not to everyone's taste, we would ask you to respect our views on the ancient use of these materials.

If you are outside the UK, please get in touch for shipping charges to your country.


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Medium Horn Tankard

  • These natural products are easy to look after, quite simply, keep them filled with mead.  For all non Vikings, a quick wash under the cold tap and a wipe sith a sponge is usually all that is needed. DO NOT leave them standing in water and do not use a dishwasher. ONLY fill with cool or cold liquids. DO NOT leave near a direct heat source including in a window where the sun can heat it excessively, this will cause warping.


    If you have any issues with your drinking vessel, please contact us.